You can use the Qello Stingray Concerts app to access your live streams and VODs on Roku, FireOS and AndroidTV. 

In order to access your Stash through Qello you must first create a (FREE) Qello account and link it to

-Visit and log in with your Qello credentials, or create a new (FREE) account and skip the 7 day trial. 

-Go to the “Live Events” tab, and sign into your LivePhish account - linking your accounts.

-Install the Qello Stingray Concerts app/channel on your device and sign in using your Qello credentials

-You should now see your Stash in the LIVE EVENTS section of the app.  

On Amazon FireOS devices it is ideal to link your Qello account to your Amazon account. 

If you have any issues with items not appearing in your Stash, log out of the Qello app and back in using your Qello credentials. 

On Roku devices - sometimes when you launch a live webcast it takes you to the start of the broadcast instead of the live stream. Press FF on your Roku remote to ensure you are watching live.