To redeem ticket barcodes scan the ticket with the LivePhish app or on the homepage click REDEEM YOUR TICKET enter your barcode and click REDEEM CODE. Complete the free transaction to add the show to your streaming Stash in the LivePhish app.

If you have an e-ticket or QR code Redeem your code with NUMBERS ONLY (do not include the letter at the end)

You can find your ticket barcode number in the Ticket Details section of the Ticketmaster App

If you use the Ticketmaster app your barcode will only be available until the end of the show.

If you add your ticket to your Google or Apple Wallet, the ticket number will remain after the show ends. 

QR codes are like barcodes - a graphic representation of a number or alphanumeric string of numbers and letters.
Use THIS free website to read the picture of your code, then enter the code manually (without the lowercase letter at the end) at

If you receive an error message "Code is invalid" please see the related article here. We may not have received the code from the venue yet, and you should retry your code again the day after the show.

If you have lost your code or get an error message when you try to scan you can open a support ticket to request a new code - please provide a picture of your ticket, screengrab or other proof of purchase.